Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why do women take baths?

I decided today, instead of showering to take a bath. I had Epsom salts here and I heard they are good for detoxing and adding magnesium to our bodies. Apparently almost everyone is magnesium deficient and that's what causes many illnesses. The man is at work, I thought ok , I could do the classic lie in the tub and soak thing women do.

Now I hate baths, Im a shower girl. And I think that's mostly cuz other than the wonderful old fashioned claw foot tub, I hate tubs. NONE are comfy. But I thought I give this a try, Ive never been in the one here in my house.

Its a weird little tub but bigger than I thought. That would have been a good thing normally. It had the stopper on the side which is weird but this is a manufactured home, they do things different. And so I proceeded to get out a big towel, a clip for my hair, I put on soft music, lite my favorite rose candle and got a drink of juice. I also got two books to read so I could spend some time in there.

What a joke!

First it was too hot so I had to play with the water, that's one of those things I hate about baths, water temp doesn't stay steady. So I added lots of cold and was finally able to get my feet in. I'm 60 yrs old now, getting into a tub is hard work. I have to hang onto rails and stuff and hope I don't fall. That ticked me off.

And then I tried to find a comfy spot. Leaning back the wall was cold so I tried to put a dry washcloth back there. Not ez to do, my butt stuck to the bottom of the tub and moving around in there was hard. I got mad , removed the cloth.

Tried to find a way to sit back and relax....ok Ill try the no, not for long. Just hurt my back. So here I am in more pain than I started, my bottom half is hot and the top of me cold......cuz I cant slide down deep enough to get comfy. grrrrrrrr

So I decide Ill try to read a book, after all Im here to relax (yea right). So I had to sit upright and a bit twisted to the left so I could rest the book on the edge of the tub. Well that position hurts too after awhile and when I tried to move, my butt bones were sore from the bottom of the tub. Never had that happen before. Guess I know where I lost all that weight from.

And so I finally got so frustrated , I decided to just wash and get out . Ladies for centuries have bathed in tubs, lounged in them. They would bathe in all sorts of things,....milk and honey, flowers , even blood to look more beautiful . And I have to wonder why because I'm more cranky and in pain than before I started. Maybe I just don't have that bathing gene.


  1. I have visualized a way to get a jacuzzi type tub that recirculates and keeps water heated but that will require an addition to the house so it is not going to happen. The old house had a huge claw foot tub that was so inconvenient for showering that I am glad to now have a small walled in tub (which I have yet to bathe in). IMO, baths are an invitation for a UTI....

  2. I always take a bath and have NEVER gotten a UTI !

  3. Baths stopped being cool for me after childhood and getting too old for bath toys!
    You are right, its uncomfortable and takes too much time to get it all right.
    You had me laughing.

  4. Your post made me smile. I used to always shower, because I want to get done and get out to greet the day. One year I took on a job to raise extra money for my child who was graduating high school. I was the only cook for a small cafe in a small country town. I worked myself to death for 9 months. I hated the way I carried the odor of grease and hamburgers and I was aching tired when I would get home. I fell in love with taking a hot soaking bath at that time. I slipped into a welcoming warmth of bubbles and all my aches.........and odors.....went away. I still take showers, but often times, I just take a relaxing bath. Loved your post!

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  6. I had a good laugh with the bath story. I enjoy my baths. I get all the things ready and I guess my body fits my bath so I am comfy enough.

  7. I know I am late to this party. I love my claw foot tub. I lie back and bend my knees. If you use a hand towel like a cape with it hanging down longways, it is not hard to get it in place. The tub is cold. I use my toes to adjust the water, adding more hot as it cools. I have the very same faucet as is in the picture in your post.